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private chef - health and wellbeing coach - The Nutritious Pea
a nori sashimi roll with courgette salad

Hire a private chef at home or on holiday, wherever you are

The Nutritious Pea is an all-round health & lifestyle service. I work both as a private chef for hire and as an online health & lifestyle coach.


As part of the private chef work that I do I also offer an in-depth personalised chef service for those looking for a more ongoing and tailored in-house chef service designed around nutrition for a specific health or performance need.


Based in Bristol, I work locally, across the UK and globally in private residences, homes, holidays homes, retreats, superyachts and corporate spaces.

As a chef I am passionate about colour and eye catching dishes whether this be fine dining, afternoon tea, a BBQ or a dinner party. As a health & wellbeing coach I work in a consultative style with my clients to understand their current lifestyle and their desires for optimum health goals.

Please send me a message if you have any further questions or would like to book a consultation.

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