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beautiful table setting - Private Chef for home, office or on holiday


Hiring a private chef means you can hold an event without all of the hassle.

Who is this service for:

Anyone holding a private event at home, day or evening

Anyone holding a private event in an office, day or evening

Anyone holding a private event in a hired space, day or evening

Anyone who has rented out a holiday home or chalet and would like to hire a private chef to cater for them and their friends / family

We all know how much work is involved with menu planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and clearing away food, especially if it is for a group of people. When you hold an event or go on holiday, it’s the last thing you want to be worrying about, you need to be free to engage with your guests, make various preparations and above all feel calm and enjoy yourself.


This is why people hire me. I will take away all of the additional work where food is concerned.


I might well have a focus on health and healthy food, but where events and holidays are concerned, food often varies. I create tailored menu plans based on your brief. You might like BBQs or light summery food, or decadent comforting meals or food from a specific region or a mixture of all and more. Whatever your brief and budget is, I will work with you to create and execute a tailored plan.

Private Chef - beautiful table setting
beautiful table setting - Private Chef Services

How it works:

  • We will have an initial conversation and I will send over my terms of business for your sign off

  • We then have a brief taking session over the phone, typically an hour, where you detail what type of food you would like, how you would like it served, timings, guest numbers, allergies. I will check where you would like the food to come from, what type of equipment and crockery you have and the set up of your kitchen

  • With the brief taking session complete, I will then put together a tailored menu plan for any amendments and sign off

  • Everything is then over to me. I will shop, prepare and cook

  • Depending on the event, I usually work alone, with no need for you to hire in additional help, unless you would like to. I do ask that someone from your party takes care of drinks. Depending on numbers of guests and service style, I will usually bring the food to the table and tidy away afterwards, leaving your kitchen exactly as I found it, while you and your guests enjoy the food and a wonderful atmosphere

If you are holding an event or would like a chef for your holiday, please get in touch to discuss further.


". . . in the depths of Norway . . . we were a very large group, about 24... she never ran out of anything food wise & produced delicious & healthy meals for various ages & tastes & always with a smile on her face!”

June, Isle of Wight

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