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  • Can you cater for allergies?
    Yes I am trained to cook in almost all health requirements. I have a lot of direct experience cooking for many intolerances, allergies, diseases and illnesses. Perhaps it is just one individual in your party or everyone, either way I will create specific meals with the health needs in mind. Please contact me directly and I will ensure that the needs are met
  • How do you bring the food to us?
    As per regulations on keeping food safe, I have food grade safe sealed cooler bags. All food is cooled as per regulations, packed safely and transported under cool conditions in a clean vehicle
  • Can you prepare food at home?
    Yes I have been signed off by Bristol Council with a 5 star hygiene rating on my professional kitchen & premises. I prepare most food from here and only cook what I need to in your home or event space
  • What time do you need to arrive to provide a dinner party at our home?
    This will depend on the number of guests and the menu that we agree on. Usually I ill prepare as much as possible and bring this with me to continue the cooking at your home. Usually for a dinner party for 10 people at 7.30pm, I would arrive at 3pm
  • Who takes care of the menu planning and food shopping?
    I do all of this for you. We will have a consultation call FOC where I will ask you what sort of food and style you are looking for. I will then create a tailored menu for you to sign off on. Before your event I will take care of all of the food shopping and food preparations. I will kindly ask that you take care of drinks and table decorations, cutlery and crockery and table setting
  • How do you budget and quote, what will my event cost me?
    As every cooking project is individual, I charge a flat day rate for my time to menu plan, shop, prepare and be there cooking at the event. I charge 45p/ mile for the shopping and getting to you and back home if I need to drive or I charge you the air or train fare and any taxis I need to get. The cost of food is charged back with receipts and will be based on your brief, whether you want organic, locally sourced, supermarket bought etc. I have a number of suppliers I use across the UK. If I do not know your area I will ask you for the best butchers, fishmongers, vegetable suppliers in your area
  • Do you issue terms of business?
    Yes I do, this will include a 20% deposit of the total day rate and a cancellation policy based on a sliding scale
  • What is the difference between a Private Chef and a Health Coach?
    As a private chef I will cook a menu of your choice and usually for a celebration. As a Health Coach, I will work with you on a one to one basis to identify preventative health concerns and how to change your lifestyle and dietary choices for optimum health now and in the future
  • Where are you based and how far do you travel?
    This is dependent on the event. If you are based outside of the UK I will travel to you and you will provide me with accommodation for the duration of the project. If you are UK based, I will travel to you from Bristol. If this is a 1 day (or shorter) event, I will travel up to 2 hours each way. If you need me for a longer period of time (such as a 2 week holiday) I can travel anywhere in the UK and you will provide suitable over night accommodation for me
  • How many do you cater for and do I need to hire in additional help?
    This depends on the event. If it is a canapé party that I can mostly prepare before hand, I could cater for up to 100. If it is a sit down smart, 3 course dinner party, I could comfortably cater for 10 and do this alone. For a buffet style event I have been known to cater for up to 50 people, on my own (with a little help from guests to bring platters to the table)! It just depends on the event. I will always advise you during our initial call.
  • I am an athlete, I am looking for a trained health chef to cook for me for optimum performance. Can you do this?
    Yes, I have a wealth of knowledge of specific nutrients for optimum health and performance. I can also develop meal plans relevant to your training schedule. Please get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs further
  • I am the PA for an UHNWI who wishes to remain nameless and does not want to appear in any testimonials or social media. You will need to travel. Can you provide discrete chef services globally, in a variety of different residences?
    Yes, I work with many UHNWIs and I operate in a very discreet fashion. My email is secure, please get in contact and we can discuss
  • I am looking for someone with an emphasis on health to cook for me and my family on a regular basis, can you do this?
    Yes I do work for clients on an ongoing basis. Please get in contact with me to discuss how often you need me and what my current commitments are
  • I run retreats and am looking for a chef to focus on super healthy and tasty food. A lot of it will be vegan, can you do this?
    Yes I love cooking healthy, tasty, bright, exciting food. I have a lot of experience of vegan cooking and can create a menu dedicated to your retreats. Please get in touch
  • I am a superyacht captain looking for a chef for a short period of time while the owners are on board. I need you to cook for both crew and guests, can you do this and how much notice do you need?
    Yes I can do this, I can cook for a maximum of 10 crew and 8 guests. I am fully compliant with the relevant marine and hygiene certificates. Please contact me directly to ask about my availability
  • What is the difference between a private chef and a personal chef?
    The main difference between these two services is time scales. A personal chef project typically lasts over a longer period of time. Private chef projects tend to be shorter periods of time and for a specific celebration
  • Can you offer consultations over zoom as well as face to face?
    Yes, most of my Health Coaching work is done over a video or voice call, whichever you are more comfortable with
  • What is the difference between a Health Coach and a Nutritionist?
    Nutritionists typically focus on ailments that are directly linked to diet, treating specific issues with food or or and supplements. A Health Coach takes a lifestyle and diet approach to preventative health, creating a whole body and mind plan to prevent ailments occurring or identify the root cause of ailments and help to prevent those from developing in to further illness
  • I do not have a specific health ailment or symptom to treat but I am interested in making healthy ongoing lifestyle & diet choices for preventative health, can you help me?
    Yes absolutely, this is the best approach
  • My ailment/ symptom is no on your list, can you still help me?
    Yes, please get in contact with me over email to discuss. If I feel this is outside of my scope I will let you know *I am not GP trained and so cannot treat specific chronic illnesses


  • I am a fully trained professional chef with many years experience under my belt. Having trained originally in hospitality and catering for 4 years at Bournemouth University and Leiths advanced cookery. In addition to this I have also studied food as medicine, child nutrition, allergies & food, the science of nutrition, anatomy & physiology and various nutritional therapist modules

  • Marine STCW: Passed and up to date

  • Marine health medical ENG1: Passed and up to date

  • Food Safety & Hygiene: Hold both level 2 & level 3 certificates

  • Kitchen hygiene rating: 5 Star Rating - My professional premises and kitchen is complient with all food legislation as set out by The Food Standards Agency. I have been awarded the highest rating level of hygiene (5 star) by Bristol Council on behalf of FSA. The kitchen is where I prep your food and so official sign off of cleanliness and food handling procedures is paramount. I am delighted to have reached the highest rating that the FSA hands out and I hope you will feel assured that you will receive food from me that is prepared, transported and cooked to the highest standards

  • Business Insurance: I have full professional public liability to cover me for any eventuality where cooking food for the public is concerned and when providing health & wellness coaching and advice

  • DBS: I have passed all DBS checks for health & childcare. I have a clean record

The Nutritious Pea registered with the International Maritime Organization for hire as a private chef onboard superyachts
The Nutritious Pea Private Chef for hire has the highest rating from The Food Standards Agency for their commercial kitchen space
The Nutritious Pea Private Chef for hire is registered with The Food Standards Agency to prepare food safely for the public
The Nutritious Pea Private Chef for hire has been approved by The UK Government to work with families and children
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