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fresh fruit for gut health and essential vitamins - Personal Chef service


If you are looking for a nutritionally focused chef on a longer term basis, this service is for you.


Maybe you are an athlete or maybe your health needs a boost or maybe you are interested in being healthy and having fresh home cooked food for yourself or for you and your family but don’t have the time, then this service is for you.

salmon sashimi, avocado and quinoa stack with dill oil - Personal Chef

No one and no ones needs are the same. This is something that is very important with providing a personal chef service. I will work differently and provide different meals based on who you are, what you need and how long for.


Health and food are intricately linked. Having studied various courses such as health as medicine, allergies and food and various nutritional therapy modules, coupled with a plethora of hands on cooking experience for a variety of health needs; I am well placed to advise and cater.

Food and specific ingredients can have a profound impact on disease, illness, mood, performance etc. I am passionate about providing scientifically planned meals that optimize health, energy levels, focus etc and take pride in giving people food that they love and which does them a great deal of good at the same time.


To date clients have hired me to be their personal chef for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

deconstructed cheesecake - personal chef for hire

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch to discuss your needs.


". . . having various food allergies, Philippa had to produce different menus each day without using some of the basic ingredients we take for granted. She did this with ease with tasty wholesome meals.. always positive and energetic..”

Stuart, Mallorca

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