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The Nutritious Pea | About Me Page | Fresh fruits for gut health


The Nutritious Pea was born out of pure passion for living a healthy, natural, outdoor focused lifestyle. I was born on a farm and grew up surrounded by nature and in a sporty environment, constantly playing or competing at something. 

However, like a lot of 90’s kids, I was raised on a cocktail of antibiotics and processed foods, which took its toll on my digestive system and energy.


Back then we didn’t know about the vegus nerve or gut microbiome and I was simply led to believe I was unlucky and just had IBS and was given more pharmaceutical options to mask the issues. I went to University and fell in to a corporate job, which I loved and was good at, and yet what most people asked me about wasn’t the latest sales forecast but how I stayed fit & healthy and what I ate! I didn’t feel very fit and healthy and so I embarked on a mission to learn everything I could about nutrients, gut health and wholesome food.


My own journey to identify the root cause of my own digestive issues, along with my studies, fascinated me as I learnt about the direct connection with food and health. 10 years ago I quit that corporate life and pivoted. I went to work in a top catering company in London to learn how to cook like a professional chef. From there I branched out and started cooking on superyachts and in private residences. It became apparent at that time that I could offer something unique, I was providing my clients with a healthy spin on decadent dining. This is when The Nutritious Pea was born.

The Nutritious Pea | Private Chef Pea in chef whites
a tasting menu both vegan and meat based

Since then I have crafted a space in the market offering private chef services on a freelance basis and continuing my work in the health space, with private 1 to 1 lifestyle and health coaching sessions. 

My repertoire is now fairly extensive, covering a variety of food tastes and styles. Healthy food will always be at the core of my values, but that's not to say we can't enjoy everything in moderation.

I offer my services on a freelance basis either one off occasion events or longer term private cheffing projects. I cook for parties, corporate events, at retreats, on superyachts, in private residences and on a more discrete basis for UHNWIs. 

All of my chef projects can be globally based or closer to my home in the UK.

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